Independent Research Reports Gets Your Message Out to the Right Audience


For most companies, the whole point of being a public is to have unfettered access to the public equity markets and a liquid currency as a way to build capital. But to have that access to accretive capital, companies need to have an attractively priced currency, with significant liquidity. Attracting retail investors to your story, and institutional funds, that can boost volume and pique the interest of analysts can be a daunting task. That’s where an effective and affordable Web-based investor relations program becomes a crucial component and a valuable tool in the capital raising process.

jefferson-head-capital-FINAL-TWOTransparency is the key to a successful IR campaign: Content can be used as an important branding tool. A key component to any investor relations program is timely and informative content. An effective way to get a clients message told, is through the creation and dissemination of independent research reports. HFS has an extensive network of investment bankers, writers, and analysts who are dedicated to providing research reports that are informative, insightful and illuminating. these professionally prepared reports are designed to distill volumes of investment information into a concise, straightforward format so that busy professional investors can make informed investment decisions.

Research Programs are designed to identify undiscovered microcap companies that might appreciate in value once the market develops a better understanding of their true potential. In the inefficient Microcap Marketplace, comprehensive, consistent, and timely research coverage provides visibility for these undiscovered companies.

HFS believes that professional research coverage is the best way to enlighten the street about the hidden value of these overlooked companies. It also allows HFS and the Client to show case the potential opportunity of a particular investment. And by disseminating this information properly, HFS helps our client create transparency with investors, which is a foundation they can leverage into a fair stock valuation. It can also be a competitive advantage over their peers when it comes to funding programs.

Investors are always looking for publicly traded companies that present a compelling investment opportunity and HFS is continuously searching for new and exciting undiscovered companies to partner with. So we invite and encourage inquires from the principals of publicly traded companies who have a need for our research services. CONTACT US today for more information how you can get your company discovered.