Debt and Equity Funding Programs


FACE VERTICAL WITH SHADOWHanover Financial Services is an International consulting firm, rich in talent and experience specializing in building and managing business development strategies for firms with the capabilities of achieving sustainable growth. We offer a forward-thinking approach to creating financing solutions for our clients that help them achieve their capital formation goals, always looking for the right funding solutions that best suits the client’s short and long term capital needs. But gaining access to the right capital resources and completing a transaction, takes sound planning and a comprehensive strategic approach.

Our staff will help guide the client through the initial due diligence process and assist in the preparation of presentation materials required by a suitable lender or investor, relying on the clients existing documentation, management guidance, current balance sheet and/or income statement, financials and capital structure information. Providing potential investors with professionally prepared documents is an important component of a successful transaction.

Below is a short list of available funding options. Please contact us for additional information on these and other financing options and strategies:

Funding Options

Creating innovative financing solutions for our clients is imperative for us just as it is for our clients.