Creating and Managing an Effective Email Marketing Campaign is a Simple Process


An email campaign usually begins with content. That content is then put into a single email that is then mass delivered to a targeted audience. Broadcast email services are usually provided by professional service providers who have their own double optin contact lists or dedicated subscriber databases. These types of hosted services exist entirely on a third-party website and use a clients content to  create, send and monitor large amounts of emails without the clients worrying about programming, security, or spam.

Hosted service providers, like Constant Contact and SMTP provide companies with  servers and  email products which clients can   use to develop and manage their own contacts and email marketing campaigns. There also is  software which you can manually install on your own website server which allows you to and manage your marketing programs in-house.

Personalization and relevancy in your email campaigns are critical to success. Significantly higher response rates are achieved in email prospecting campaigns when they are personalized and sent to highly targeted audiences. Since the goal of an expansive email campaign is to increase product sales, offer services, or spread awareness you want your content to inspire your target audience to take action.

Creating an email campaign requires that you know what motivates your recipients and hone an email message according to those motivations. And professional service providers can be a valuable resource in this process.

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